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Buy cryptocurrencies, with the guidance of cryptocurrency professionals.


Through our worldwide network of partners, we facilitate trades between buyers and sellers of large Bitcoin Large Blocks. We follow OTC trading best practices, implement POC/POF checks, Escrow Account & KYC/AML verification, and other procedures to ensure smooth, transparent, cost-effective and legally complaint transactions among our clients. If you have Bitcoin (Large Blocks) and are looking for buyers, we can get them for you, or If you want to buy Large Blocks of Bitcoin, we can connect you to the sellers. Do not hesitate to reach us now


We provide training delivered at your location. This training prepares candidates for professional assessment leading to the award of internationally accredited industry awards like the Certified Cryptocurrency Trader (CCT), Certified Blokchain Expert.

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We have clients that transact through:
Crypto FinanceCryptoloungeEtana
HuobiHSBCJP Morgan
Legacy trustLMAXLocke Lord
NobleSantanderProvident Trust
Amal, Denton, Kraken, Ormco, Proequity (coming soon)

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Buy Bitcoin using your Debit/Credit Card (Small amounts only)

(This service is only available for Small transactions only. For large amounts, please book an appointment to meet with our OTC agents)